Dear colleagues,

the “International Conference on Image Formation in X-ray Computed Tomography”, widely known as “The CT Meeting”, is dedicated to basic problems related to X-ray CT. It is a friendly, informal, workshop-style meeting where most experts in this field come together. The participants, far more than hundred scientists, researchers and students, have the unique chance to present, discuss and understand the latest techniques of CT design, acquisition technology, image reconstruction, artifact/dose reduction, and advanced CT methods.

We welcome submissions on all topics that are related to image formation in CT. Ideal submissions will clearly demonstrate the impact of the investigated technology on the CT image. Evaluations with computer simulations and real data are both acceptable. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Breast imaging
  • Contrast agent and X-ray dose reduction
  • Deep learning for CT image formation
  • Dose assessment
  • Dual and multi-energy imaging
  • Dynamic and perfusion imaging
  • Geometric and spectral calibration
  • Image quality and dose assessment
  • Image reconstruction
  • Industrial CT
  • Machine Learning in the CT imaging chain
  • Medical imaging
  • Motion compensation
  • New data acquisition geometries
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Novel CT technologies
  • Phase-contrast imaging
  • Photon counting CT
  • Scatter and beam-hardening reduction
  • Security applications
  • Small animal imaging

The CT Meeting 2022 is the seventh in a successful series of biennial meetings. We are happy to welcome you in June 2022.